The Arc is your Solution!  The Arc, a nationwide organization started in 1954 by Parents for Parents with Children or Adults that have Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities.  At the outset, the organization was committed to altering perceptions of Children with Intellectual and Development Disabilities and to educate parents and others regarding their potential.  

The Arc has chapters in Cities located throughout the United States.  It is a nationwide network of parents and resources available to enable your Child's success throughout life. 

This network includes:  Advocates, Lawyers, Psychologists, Educators, Legislatures, Employment Opportunities, Community and Independent Living Accommodations, and  Community Activities. 

The Arc Chapter of Mesa County is here for you, give us a call at 970 245-5775! 

.The Mission of  The Arc  Mesa County

Frustrated . . . . Don't Know Where to Turn?

The Arc Mesa County advocates for People with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities and their Families

The Arc Mesa County through collaborative effort of influencing public policy and increasing public awareness will advocate for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. 

We will also advocate for  their families, wherever they may be, to ensure their opportunity to pursue personal goals, be educated, live, work, and recreate with other community members is achieved.

In 2013, The Arc Mesa County  directly represented 107 people with developmental disabilities and/or their families in Individual Education Planning Meetings and Individual Plan Meetings.  We have provided support for many of these individuals in other community interactions. The Arc continues to act as either full or medical guardian, for Individuals who reside either in the Grand Junction Regional Center or receive residential services from Mesa Developmental Services.