The Arc  Mesa County can also aid you in defining a plan for  your Child's development by assisting you with the following:

      1.  0 - 3 Years         Early Intervention Years ISFP established

      2.  3  - 5  Years       Preschool Years IEP started

     3.  5  - 21 Years       School  Requalification and  IEP monitoring

      4.  21 - Adult          Adult Community Center Services

School Inclusion-  This doesn't happen if School Administration and Parents are not receptive to the idea. The Arc has advocated for several Parents of school aged special needs children that were denied "inclusion" by School Administrators and kept in self-contained classrooms.  A meeting was scheduled between School Administrators, Therapists, School Psychologist and Parents to determine the inclusion process.  Everyone agreed at the meeting inclusion was appropriate, so  no further action was needed.  If there was no cooperation from the meeting attendees, then The Arc Mesa County would recommend that  further action would be required, such as "due process" thru legal action.

Sexual Abuse - The Arc Mesa Country took action against alleged sexual abuse of children in a privately operated group home in Mesa County.  The first instance was in 1987, when The Arc Mesa County reported to Police and Social services this abuse.  After an investigation, one group home operator pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 5 years probation. 

The Arc Mesa County interceded on behalf of two adults, over 18 years of age, who remained in the group home after Social Services removed the children.  The Arc Mesa County was granted full guardianship of these individuals at their request.  Upon receipt of the order appointing "Guardianship of an Incapacitated Person" by the Mesa County District Court, The Arc Mesa County moved these two young men to an MDS group home where they continue to happily reside today.

The Arc Mesa County "Cares & Takes Action"

Getting into the "System" may require the servicesof an Advocate.  That's where The Arc  Mesa County comes in.  Our primary objective is to educate and support you in navigating the "System". We can assist in getting the appropriate Doctor diagnosis.  We also  work to get Early Intervention Services and define an ISFP Individualized Family Service Plan; team up with Schools and Therapists to develop and implement an effective IEP (Individualized Education Plan) for the School years, and qualification for Adult services.  Our strength is  providing   support and services for families. If communication breaks down and goals are not met, The Arc Mesa County has the ability to provide the legal means to get the process moving along again.

It's all about getting into the State, Federal and Educational  "SYSTEM" from Birth thru Adulthood.  At Birth, Doctors may or may not diagnose your child.  Parents suspect developmental disabilities in their child but don't know where to get the diagnosis. One option is  contacting  the local Department of Human Services by dialing 211, the National Hotline for Human Services. They are referred locally on how to get into the "System".  .

Advocacy.... Getting into the "System"

"To separate them from others...generates a feeling of inferiority as to their status in the community that may affect their hearts and minds in a way unlikely ever to be undone".  CHIEF JUSTICE WARREN, Opinion of the Court, Brown v. Brown Board of Education of Topeka, 05/17/1954