It is your right as Parents to make sure that your Special Needs Child receives the best education and care under the law

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or IDEA was passed by Congress in 1975 for the education for All Handicapped Children. 

It basically states that "All Kids get to go to school and get a fair chance to learn.  Kids, including Kids with disabilities go to school with their neighbors.  Kids, including Kids with disabilities, sit in classrooms together.  Kids, including Kids with disabilities, join school clubs, go to assemblies, go on field trips, go to school plays, and go to school sports events. Kids are not separated in school because they have a disability".

To Learn more about IDEA, The Arc Mesa County can provide you with a free easy to read, easy to understand book called, "The Everyday Guide to Special Education Law".  This is a Handbook is a must for Parents, Teachers, and Other Professionals. Written by Rand Chapman, ESQ.  Copyrighted 2008 by Disability Law Colorado, 455 Sherman Street, Suite 130, Denver, CO  80203.  It is the Second Edition and includes the Most Recent Changes to Federal Law and Regulations.  This book gives you the knowledge, confidence, and power to advocate for your Child.

IDEA ...

Rights give you Parental Power.

As parents the responsibility of raising a Developmental or Disabled Child can be overwhelming.  Where do you turn to get the necessary information to make decisions that will effect the life of your Child?  How do you acquire the knowledge to know "what's available" as far as therapists, community resources, educational resources, and advocacy?

The Arc Mesa County is your starting point to begin this process and we are only a phone call away at 970 245-5775.  The breadth and depth of The Arc's knowledge and resources can point you in the right direction locally, throughout the Western Slope, or Nationally.

By getting "educated" and  keeping informed you have the "power" that can influence the future of your Child.  Sure, there are State and Federal laws that are enacted to give your Child a shot at success.   There are also Community Services and resources available, but unless you are aware of these, and have the confidence to advocate for your Child's welfare....... success can be limited.  It really is a lifelong maize thru which you must continually advocate for your Child.